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Service measures

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Service Measure / Information Area / Item Affected Type  
No. Measure/Info. No. Received Date Service Measure / Information Area / Item Affected Model Class Model Engine Type Chassis / Vin No Range
1 Not Provided 2000-04-28 Inspection/rectification of the air intake grill Water Leakage E 220 cdi,240 210 Specified
2 S.I.No: IND 83/001 2000-09-14 A.C. Pipeing to be corrected A C S 320L 220 Specified
3 S.I.No: IND 58/001 2000-09-28 Correction of production sticker Body S 320L 220 Specified
4 S.I.No: IND 82/001 2000-09-29 Rectification of non functioning of antena Antena S 320L 220 Local list provided
5 S.I.No: IND 46/001 2000-10-02 Rectification of oil pressure damper on steering assembly Steering S ,CL ALL 220 ,215 Local list provided ,NOT Disclosed
6 A/C No: 83 910 31 2000-12-08 Clear reed valve inside air - water duct Water Leakage S ,CL 320L ,ALL 220 ,215 Up to Mid.Aug.2000
7 A/C No: 29 900 01 2001-03-23 Replacement of clutch sleeve cylinder and pipe Clutch Failure E ALL 124 ,210 Up to Model year 1999
8 Not Provided 2001-04-18 Modifaction of water container Washer S 320L 220 Local list provided
9 A/C no: 83 000 01 2002-02-07 Retrofitment of Emergency drain valve Water Leakage S ,CL 320L ,ALL 220 ,215 Up to Vin No. 278000 ,Up to Vin No. 025600
10 A/C No: 61 000 07 2002-03-28 Rectification of seepage in passenger compartment Water Leakage C All 203 Despatch before 25/02/2002

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