Cama motors deeply regrets its association with Mercedes Benz. To find out how you were cheated by Mercedes Benz using our organization CLICK HERE It is no exaggeration to describe corruption and bribe-paying at Daimler as a standard business practice," Robert Khuzami, director of the SEC's enforcement division, said in a statement.


Dear Customer,


We would like to share with you details of “service measures” carried out on your car.  These measures were carried out as part of a continuous campaign which we were told was in keeping with the tradition of “continuous improvement” according to Mercedes Benz India.

However, we always suspected that the quality of Mercedes Benz cars was falling to lower and lower levels and that these campaigns were a last ditch effort to save face.

We never understood or expected that some of these campaigns, which amounted to removing parts and software and replacing them were connected to life threatening defects. We ourselves were so embarrassed by the pathetic quality that we blindly carried out these measures which you will undoubtedly be disgusted by when you see the details.

It was only after many years that we could no longer remain in denial and we began to piece the details together, painting a picture of a company murderously involved in malpractice of the most serious kind. We are sure that it will shake the world of consumer rights when people are made aware of the deceitful way in which this company has tried to cling to their past glory, while being neck-deep in immoral and unethical practices.

You will be shocked that, even to know if the factory had forgotten an air inlet cover (which could flood the car with rain water) or if the suspension parts had been fitted left to right and right to left, this bunch of incompetents had to actually ask the dealers nationwide to secretly inspect the cars already delivered to innocent customers. The number of pipeline modifications done to avoid leakages due to rubbing/vibrations, were also carried out in such a fraudulent way. We were told to shut up and do the job with no information or proof of what was going on.

If you purchased your car from Cama Motors, your cars chassis number may be listed in the list of affected cars linked to each measure. We will not be able to provide you with any more information than what is provided here so we request you not to contact us. You may seek any clarification from Mercedes Benz.

How to find the measures which MAY* have been carried out on your car:

  1. Locate your chassis number and extract the first three numerical digits from it. These are referred to on this site as “TYPE”.
  2. You may know your car according to its class such as “E” “C” etc. However the “TYPE” is important while searching in the below filter.
  3. You may enter the “TYPE” and any further criteria to scan through the service measures applicable to your car.

* Many lists of affected vehicles were arbitrary and the logic for choosing certain vehicles was kept secret from us. Many non existent chassis numbers were also given as a result of which it is certain that “service measures” were a hit and miss affair and no uniformity can be expected!!!! We found often that cars or models not covered today were covered later as if an experiment was going on!!!

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