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Clutch Failure

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Daimler AG was aware that the clutch pedals of various cars could stick in the depressed position due to a design defect( to this day never admitted in public).

This is a death sentence in simple terms.

A most ineffective measure of fitting a heat shield was tried for years, endangering many lives and surely causing death in some cases and later “new insulated clutch cylinders” were offered secretly by the measure of 23-3-2001.

In the documents, full knowledge of the “risks and liabilities” is admitted, yet a long period is provided so that replacements can be done on a casual basis, instead of by an immediate publicly announced recall campaign. The dealers were repeatedly told that the defect was not life threatening and so information was not to be passed on to the customers.

When we found the same defect in a different model(W203), not mentioned in the affected model list, the defect was not accepted for two years. Finally, after violating that customer’s rights by cutting the underbody to “let in air” and trying all other methods, a replaced clutch OF MODIFIED INSULATED DESIGN was offered!!! Even though this proved the customers point, to this day no clarification has even been received as to why the remedy was delayed for two years, raising the risk of death of the customer.

Soon the issue was handeled by dis-couraging the sale of all manual transmission cars and no public admission of what happened when the clutch cylinders HEATED UP has ever been shared with any outsider including dealers.

It is unknown as to how many accidents occurred due to clutch pedals going down to the floor and failing to return while the customer was in a critical position but the world’s finest automaker has said in their service measure that “TEMPERORY MALFUNCTIONING OF CLUTCH PEDAL” does not “AFFECT SAFETY IN ANY WAY”. In actual fact as we maintain it is a DEATH SENTENCE.

This act alone should be enough to place the concerned decision makers in Jail for the rest of their lives.

No. Measure/Info. No. Recived Date Service Measure / Information Area / Item Affected Model Class Model Engine Type Chassis / Vin No Range
1 A/C No: 29 900 01 2001-03-23 Replacement of clutch sleeve cylinder and pipe Clutch Failure E ALL 124 ,210 Up to Model year 1999